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Nelson Law Office - The Fighter on Your Side - FAQ

  • Do I need a lawyer? Open or Close

    Rarely is it wise to handle a legal matter without the assistance of an attorney. It may be tempting to think that internet research can provide sufficient knowledge to handle legal issues. However, if you are wrong it could be a far more costly mistake than the attorney fees you would have paid to have the matter properly handled. Think of it this way… you could pull your own teeth, but would you ask if you need a dentist?

  • What if I don’t speak English? Open or Close

    We have Spanish interpreter services available.

  • Can I pay my fees online? Open or Close

    We offer online invoicing. You can make your payment from the comfort of your home.

  • Do I have to come to court? Open or Close

    Depending on the case, we may be able to appear on your behalf, and handle the matter without you ever having to come to court.

  • How do I get my spouse out of the home? Open or Close

    Under certain circumstances, the State of North Carolina allows a person to obtain a Divorce from Bed and Board. This is not an Absolute Divorce, but a form of legal separation. We can tell you if you quality.

  • Will the mother always get the children? Open or Close

    No. Under North Carolina law, the best interest of the child is the defining factor. There is no presumption that custody of children should be with their mother under the laws of this State.

  • What if I've been charged with a felony offense? Open or Close

    We handle high level felony offenses such as drug trafficking, attempted murder, and armed robbery. We will treat you with the same respect as any innocent person regardless of the circumstances.

  • What if I've been charged with habitual status? Open or Close

    In North Carolina multiple convictions for certain crimes, or classes of crimes such as DWI, Larceny, and Felonies can result in a person being charged with habitual status. This can make a case much more serious, and the consequences much more severe.

  • Will I have to pay alimony? Open or Close

    Maybe. If you are the supporting spouse you may be required to pay alimony. However, there are exceptions which may apply to your case. These exceptions may release you from having to pay alimony to a dependent spouse.